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2G / GSM Network Shutdown Notice

2G / GSM Network Shutdown Notice


Major carriers will soon shutdown their 2G networks.  As a result, any products operating on the 2G network will no longer function.  This includes the Cocoon Big Button Flip Phone, model IT114039, and the Cocoon GPS Tracker, model GT42395.


You will need to purchase a new phone or GPS tracker that is at least 3G capable.  It does not have to be a Smartphone (a computer phone with a big screen) if this is too much of a step for you. A search of Australian Mobile Phone Retailers for a ‘Feature Phone’ may return a list of mobile phones similar to the Cocoon Flip Phone.


2G Shutdown Dates:

Telstra:                 1-Dec-2016

Optus:                   1-Apr-2017

Vodafone:           30-Sep-2017


If your carrier is not listed or you would like more information, contact your mobile service provider to find out more details on the shutdown dates for their 2G network.

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