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Levelling the Z-Drive Motors with the Print Bed

Please refer to the video on our website for a step by step guide:

Cocoon Create 3D Printer - "Levelling Print Bed"



The Z Drive Motors are located on either ends of the printer and they control the distance of the nozzle from the Heated Print Bed. The Right Motor must be at the same height as the Left Motor prior to levelling the nozzle with the Heated Print Bed.  You can adjust the height of each motor by rotating the Z Axis Rods.



 1. At eye level, look directly at the X Axis Rod (which holds the nozzle in place) to see if it is parallel to the Print Bed.


The image below is an example of a tilted X Axis Rod.  The right Z Axis Rod need to be raised in order for the X Axis Rod to be horizontal.  The red line in the image represents the slight tilt on the rod; the yellow line is the correct alignment which rod must be in for correct levelling of the 2 Z Drive Motors.




2. Rotate the bottom of the Z Axis rod to adjust the height until the X Axis Rod appears horizontal to the naked eye.




NOTE:  always do a final check with the largest Allen Key provided to see if the X Axis Rod is straight.


3. Place the Allen Key on the rod and ensure the base of the Allen Key is flushed against the Print Mat for accuracy. The Allen Key should be touching the Rod and Mat at 90 Degrees. 


NOTE: If the base of the Allen Key cannot reach the surface of the Print Mat, lower both Z Axis Rods to the correct height as the Allen Key.  Repeat the steps for the other end of the Rod.



4. Run the Allen Key across the X Axis Rod from one end to the other (taking note of Nozzle on the Rod) to check that levelling of the Z Drive Motors are both even.


Please refer to pg.26 in the Cocoon Create Instruction Manual next for levelling the Heated Print bed.


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