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Cocoon Outdoor IP Security Camera - Setting up motion detection (Alarm Mode)

Using CMS Client

  1. Select ‘Config’ from the main menu
  2. Within the ‘Alarm trigger’ tab, change the ‘Pop video’ option to your desired time. This is the time that a video will be shown full screen if the alarm is activated
  3. Select the buzzer type for your desired sound
  4. Press ‘Save’


Using Cot Pro

  1. From the ‘My Camera’ menu, press the camera settings button
  2. Press ‘Alarm Settings’ and ensure that ‘Motion Detection’ is turned on
    • Receive alarm message: Turn on to receive alarm notifications on your smartphone
    • Alarm push ID: Manage which other user accounts to push alarm notifications
    • Alarm push Email: Select to set an email to automatically send captured alarm images
  3. Press back until you return to the ‘My Camera’ menu, and then ensure that the camera lock button is set to ‘locked’.
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