Bluetooth Headphones - How To Pair - HE215027

Pairing the Bluetooth headphone to a Bluetooth device

Q. Why can't I pair my Bauhn headphones to my bluetooth device?

If your bluetooth headphones are not appearing on your bluetooth device, follow the below steps -

 1. Power on the device that you are trying to connect your headphones to and go to bluetooth settings. Ensure that your bluetooth is enabled and is not connected to anything else.

 2. To enter pairing mode your headphones must be turned off. Hold down the 'Play/Pause' button until you hear the words "pairing"

Note: Do not let go of the 'play/pause' button when you hear the words "power on", ensure that you hold until you hear the words "pairing"

 3. The flashing light indicator on the right headphone will be flashing red and blue. Your Bauhn bluetooth headphones will now be visible on your device

 4. Select 'HE215027' to pair

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