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Cocoon Android Media Player HE115020 - Stop Launching into KODI

Below are the steps needed to upgrade the memory allocation for the Cocoon AMP.

  1. Open "XBMC Launcher"

Within XBMC, navigate to ‘PROGRAMS’, then select ‘Android Programs’ and then select ‘XBMC Launcher’


  1. Select "App Details"


  1. Select "Clear defaults"

Press the "down" button on the remote to navigate to the bottom of the menu. Select "Clear defaults". This will remove XBMC Launcher as your current default launcher.


  1. Setting a Default Launcher

Press the home button. When prompted with the following popup, select ‘Launcher’ and then select ‘Always’ to set this launcher as your default. Your Cocoon AMP TV will now open into your selected default launcher.

Note: To remove your current default launcher at any time, navigate to the Android settings, select ‘Apps’, press the ‘right’ button on the remote to navigate to ‘ALL’. Navigate to your current launcher (e.g. ‘Launcher’) and then select ‘Clear defaults’. When you press the home button you will then be prompted to set your default launcher again.

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