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Cocoon Android Media Player HE414079 Remote for Android Smartphone

The Cocoon Android Media Player HE414079 can be controlled remotely via an Android Smartphone app. This will provide similar functions to the physical remote. Please follow the below instructions;

Installing the app to the Cocoon Android Media Player

  1. Download the app onto a USB Hard Drive - Please refer to the attached
  2. Plug the USB Hard Drive into your Cocoon Android Media Player
  3. From the home screen of your Cocoon Android Media Player, select "Apps"
  4. Then open the ES File Explorer
  5. Select SD Card (in the top right hand corner)
  6. Navigate to the location you saved the app
  7. Select the apk and and click Install to install the app onto the media player
  8. Alternatively, you can install the app through the Play Store, please see below

 Installing the app to your Android Smart Phone from the Play Store

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. In the top right hand corner press the magnifying glass
  3. Search for "Tablet Remote"
  4. The first app on the list will be called "Tablet Remote", made by "Tournesol"
  5. Install this app to your Android Smart Phone

 Connecting the app to your phone

  1. Once you have installed the app to both your Cocoon Android Media Player & Android Smart Phone open the app on both devices
  2. On the Cocoon Media Player, click on "Set Up" (top left hand box) and ensure both boxes are ticked
  3. Navigate back to the main screen of the Tablet Remote app and, on both devices, select "Connection" (top right hand box)
  4. On both devices click "Scan Devices". Your devices will then scan to find what is available on your WiFi network.
  5. When the device has been found Cocoon Media Player will appear as ibox6601 on your phone. Click on the WIFI button
  6. Your devices should now be paired
  7. Return to Tablet Remote Main Screen and select “Remote”.
  8. You can now navigate with the controls on the phone’s screen
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