Cocoon Action Ski Goggles with Built In Full HD Camera FAQ HE115024

Q. How do I copy footage to my computer?

Connect the Cocoon Action Ski Goggles to your computer and navigate to the Removable Memory Drive (as you would for a removable USB Drive) - Refer to your computer's instructions for further details. Highlight what footage you would like to copy. Copy and paste it onto your computer.


Q. Where do I get a replacement charging cable from?

The Cocoon Action Ski Goggles use a MiniUSB connection. Suitable cables can be purchased from most electronic retailers.


Q. How long does the battery last for?

From a full charge, the battery will last approx 1.5 hours.


Q. How long does the Cocoon Action Ski Goggles need to charge?

The Cocoon Action Ski Goggles require 2 hours to give the battery a full charge.


Q. How much space does a recording take up?

The size of the video file will vary depending on the complexity of recording.

If recording at 1080P for a full battery life (1.5hrs) this footage requires approx. 8GB (90MB/MIN). 


Q. Where do I purchase a MicroSD Card from?

Suitable MicroSD Cards can be purchased from most electronic retailers. Please note, the Cocoon Action Ski Goggles accept up to a 32GB MicroSD Card. We suggest using a minimum of a 16GB MicroSD Card.

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